Titus Needs Training!

Here is an introduction to me and Titus (husband was in the other room during the filming process hehe) and the purpose of this blog. So watch it!

...we are going to TRAIN TITUS...

*insert scary twilight zone music here*

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Lenny said...

titus is so neat looking. im gonna love this blog for sure cause i love dogs. i bet hes real smart and could get trained real fast. its gonna be fun watching it. ...hugs from lenny

Candice said...

Thanks for following, Lenny! Titus is a really sweet dog. And yes, he is VERY smart (sometimes for the worse haha)! I hope you enjoy us documenting Titus' progress!!!

Melanie said...

OH my! I'm totally going to have to follow this blog because I just cant wait to get my own (or our, rather) little guy! You've gotten me addicted to your blogs! AH!

Well I hope you have great luck with your efforts. And, I hope Titus proves to be helpful. My dog Buddie at home... he tends to just stare at you when you try to make him do a trick. But perhaps he just nows how to play us... haha!

Melanie :P

Candice said...

Hahah Sorry Melanie! Dogs are awesome. I want to get a video of Titus just going nuts or something because in my videos he just sits there and looks pathetic. But cute. :)

I hope you get your own dog soon!!! :)

Lenny said...

hi miss candice! i love your videos. titus is soooo neat and he's behaving real good. you sure he does naughty stuff? ha ha i hope titus does good at his training. my cousins dog george got kicked out of obedence school. ha ha ...hugs from lenny

Yaya' s Home said...

Oh, would you look at that sweet face? I'm so glad you're documenting this. I'm gonna' be watchin' 'cause if I get to have another dog, I'd like to be able to train him/her.

I used to have an African Basinji an' we got her when she was abandoned near our home. She was such a sweetie.

~ Yaya

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